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Winter Gear Review!

It’s wild to me that 2021 is coming to an end - it feels like this year just began last week. What a year we have had, between traveling and cross-country road trips, adventures on the beach and lake kayaking, and our countless hikes and camping trips. 2021 gave myself, Ivy, and Sierra so many memories to look back on.

We’re in the middle of our favorite season (winter!!) and our adventures aren’t complete without Ivy and Sierra’s gear. Safety is my primary concern always, so I’m incredibly careful to always watch temperatures and weather to ensure we don’t get ourselves in a tough situation. We frequently hike and camp in snowy weather, and we always bring our Kurgo K-9 Core Sweater and Loft Jacket to keep the girls warm, dry, and happy!

We’ve been using Kurgo gear for years, and time and time again I’m amazed by the quality, durability, and comfort of their products. I’ll break out Sierra’s K-9 Core Sweater whenever the weather gets a little chilly outside. She loves snuggling up in the tent wearing it, and it keeps her core temperature up on the colder hikes we do during the winter months!

I love the Kurgo Loft Jacket for so many reasons - it helps keep their fur clean and free from mud/rain, it’s breathable and flexible enough to not impede any of their movements, and the fabric stays perfect no matter how tough the girls are on their jackets!

I’ll use the Loft Jacket anytime they need a light cover, or as a top layer if the temperatures get super low. Both my dogs and my family’s dogs all have Loft Jackets and love them!

I’ve already wrapped one up for my family’s dog Micki, and Sierra is getting another color Loft Jacket to add to her wardrobe this Christmas. Kurgo is running a 20% off sale using the code "GIFT20" through the end of the month so go snag some of the best gifts now for your pup!

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