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National Take A Hike Day

I think it’s pretty obvious that one of my favorite activities with Ivy and Sierra is to go adventure outdoors - hiking, backpacking, camping, swimming, kayaking etc. You name it, we’ve probably done it! There’s nothing that quite compares to heading outdoors with my two girls - I can honestly notice a difference in my mood and theirs after we get some time out of service and in nature!

National Take a Hike Day is today, November 17th, and we spent our time enjoying nature thanks to Campspot! We traveled over to the Blue Ridge Mountains in eastern TN/western NC, and hiked in the Pisgah National Forest before cozying up in the cutest cabin nearby thanks to Campspot’s online marketplace of over 100,000 campsites across the United States! Campspot makes it so easy to find tent camping, and RV site, cabin rentals, lodges, etc. all within miles of the over 60,000 hiking trails in the country.

Using their “hiking” filter, we were able to find a dog friendly cabin within a short drive of some of the most beautiful views of this mountain range! I mean, can you think of anywhere better to spend your day? I sure can’t!

We hiked up to this beautiful overlook, at one of the highest-elevation points in the eastern US mountain range. We sat here for over an hour, enjoying the company of each other and taking in the views. I swear, Ivy and Sierra definitely notice when there’s such a pretty view in front of them - it’s like they realize the magnitude of how great nature is, and they truly do appreciate it, I just know it.

I can tell how much Ivy and Sierra enjoy being outdoors and hiking, whether it be the forest-filled trails and wide open balds of the Appalachian Trail, or the vast red rocks of the western desert - they love it no matter where they are because they get to have an absolute blast outside! And, I love watching the happiness on their faces as they get to explore, sniff, and adventure in these beautiful places we’re so lucky to have access to.

This past year, nature has truly turned into a “safe haven” so to speak for us - it’s always been where we’re happiest, but when our world turns virtual and we no longer have access to the social aspects we’re so used to, nature becomes even more important to our mental and physical well-being. Campspot makes it so easy to remain socially distant, while still being able to travel and access these beautiful places - contactless check in, distanced sites, and fresh air - you can’t ask for a more perfect way to safely have an amazing trip!

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